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Public Relations

PR or media relations is one of the most effective ways to promote complex products or services. When the product is complex, but its benefits are ambiguous, the best way of communication is a detailed explanation of the merits and benefits. However, the Russian media market is completely non-transparent, and contains over 30 thousand different media, most of which have little or no audience and are completely ineffective. From the other side, most western companies trying to cooperate with the local media is also not very effective, due to the incompatibility of standard PR-instruments towards local attitude. The best choice for a foreign company is hiring a PR or communication agency, which will adapt the existing PR-policy and resource materials to the requirements of the Russian market, and manage the development of relations with the local media.

Marketing and PR Agency “Co-mmunication” has extensive experience as a PR-service provider, often taking on challenging projects with high-tech products and services. We are offering a service to foreign companies of PR-support and promotion while entering the complex Russian market.

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